Kendrick Lamar – Not Like Us

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Kendrick Lamar, has released a new single titled “Not Like Us“. The track is a well-enchanted song that showcases Kendrick Lamar‘s musical prowess and serves as his latest entry this year 2024, following the release of previously released songs.

In “year 2024,” Kendrick Lamar delivers a powerful reminder of the unending love and grace that permeates every aspect of life, even in the face of challenges and uncertainties. With its uplifting melody and profound lyrics, the song serves as a beacon of light in dark times, offering solace and encouragement to listeners around the globe.


The production credits for “Not Like Us” go to talented music producer, Mustard, Sean Momberger, who has worked with Kendrick Lamar on several other projects in the past. Together, they have created a masterpiece that is sure to inspire and uplift listeners.

So what are you waiting for? Listen to “Not Like Us” now and experience the magic of Kendrick Lamar‘s music for yourself.


Quotable Lyrics:

Psst, I see dead people
(Mustard on the beat, ho)

Ayy, Mustard on the beat, ho
Deebo, any rap nigga, he a free throw
Man down, call an amberlamps, tell him, “Breathe, bro”
Nail a nigga to the cross, he walk around like Teezo
What’s up with these jabroni-ass niggas tryna see Compton?
The industry can hate me, fuck ’em all and they mama
How many opps you really got? I mean, it’s too many options
I’m finna pass on this body, I’m John Stockton

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